Athabasca Basin Development Summer Student Program

Author: Flyer Electric |

Flyer Electric had the opportunity to participate in the Athabasca Basin Development Summer Student Program from May till August, 2023. The goal of the Athabasca Basin Development Summer Student Program is to help develop the leaders of tomorrow which provides a meaningful work experience for students from the Athabasca Basin region. Being that Flyer is 68% owned by the Athabasca Basin Development, it makes programs like these a great way to be part of which gives students the work experience they need to find their passion and pursue their career. 

This year, Flyer Electric was excited to have Candy with us as our summer student, working between our Birch Hills office and on site in Prince Albert. Candy brought her knowledge of 3 years of Indigenous Social Studies and her history and culture to the company. We were excited to have Candy share some of her knowledge about Indigenous history and culture for Indigenous People's Day on June 21st during a Lunch and Learn with the company. Candy continues to expand her learning in the electrical trade and has been part of the team with the work she has been participating and contributing too. 

Candy: "I am job shadowing the insights of the Electrical Trade at the Penitentiary, with Flyer Electric. At the site I am being trained step by step in the use of electrical tools, reading maps of a work in progress, and helping with wiring. There is so much to learn in the trade that the weeks I have been on the site have only been a foot in the door. I am looking forward to learning more about the Electrical trade and how artificial lights are created to accommodate our day-to-day living. 

Electrical work is one of the safest, yet dangerous trades you can get into, it all depends on how safely you work. There are always safety protocols and training before entering any workplace. My advice to anyone who's looking into the trades, just do it! If you're a hands-on, all physical and constant learning type of person, then this job is for you! 

This has been one of the greatest jobs I have been in, and to be part of the work is even greater! I was given the opportunity to step into the field and see for myself what it is the Electricians do. Not only do I feel like I am training, but the employees and everyone that is part of the company made me feel part of the team. I thank everyone who took the time out of their day to help me in this journey. 

I am from Black Lake First Nation but residing in Prince Albert to obtain my degree in Indigenous Social Work. I am a Denesuline tsekui, and a mother to two wonderful sons. I have made a business out of a hobby, that helps me during my time as a student, that is beading Jeweleries and clothing. The journey I have been on during my time in the University has been interesting, it has taught me a lot about myself and the people of Turtle Island. Although it hasn't been easy being a student, working and having a family, I ahve made it to my 4th year in my career. I am on my last stretch in receiving my Bachelors of Indigenous Social Work. 

I would like to thank Athabasca Basin, Flyer Electric and everyone involved in this project, for giving myself and many other Post Secondary students a chance at experiencing other careers. This has been an amazing experience for me, and I would like to pursue a career in Electrical when the opportunity arises."