Electrical Safety

Safety is Wired  into Everything We Do

We know safety is important to you. It’s everyone’s top priority, including ours. We treat safety the same way we treat our other standards: we strive always for excellence and continuous improvement.

Health Safety  and Environment

Flyer Electric takes pride in our safety excellence, we strive to achieve and promotes a healthy and safe work environment for all employees, not only on the site but at home as well. Our safety program means a lot to our employees, they work hard on it every day, from our most seasoned supervisor, through to our newest hired apprentices, taking responsibility and putting effort into our mission zero program. We maintain our high standards through legislative compliance, managing risk, assessing and evaluating the environment and ongoing education and training to continually improve as industry leaders in safety.

Our Commitments

  • Focus on being proactive to ensure the prevention of injuries and illness.
  • Keep our workers qualifications current by our in-house NCSO instructors, nationally recognized by OSSA, Canadian Red Cross and the SCSA.
  • Consult and collaborate with our clients, subcontractors and other stakeholders in the industry on safety related issues.
  • Compliance with current legislation, regulations, industry best practices and all other requirements.
  • Continually improve safety performance by measuring our program against industry standards.
  • Employees are encouraged to speak up about any concerns or suggestions to improve our safety management system.
  • Management has an active role as industry leaders in our program, by creating a recognizable safety culture to our employees.

Our Safety Professionals are accredited National Construction Safety Officers

Our in-house training is nationally recognized Oil Sands Safety Association (OSSA); Canadian Red Cross; ABCGA Ground Disturbance Standard and Electrical Safety Training System (ESTS).

Saskatchewan & Manitoba Construction Safety Associations

Flyer Electric is proud to be part of the SCSA and the CSAM. We have worked closely with these associations over the years to develop and maintain our comprehensive safety program. We are also proud to be COR Certified in both provinces. The COR (Certificate of Recognition) recognizing and rewarding employers committed to workplace safety.

Worksafe Saskatchewan: Mission Zero

Management of Flyer Electric have signed the Saskatchewan Health and Safety Leadership Charter which advocates for the continuous improvement of health and safety in the workplace.

Safety is wired into our company’s culture, and it’s a central part of every project, every procedure, every practice and every meeting. Our commitment to safety leadership is reflected by our employees. Our proudest product over any job, is our workers, because no job is complete, until they get home safe.

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