Diversity and Inclusion

We believe by being a culturally diverse and inclusive workforce not only creates an atmosphere free from barriers but it also allows people to be their authentic selves. We demonstrate our commitment to being a diverse and inclusive organization by providing a supportive work environment and culture that welcomes the diversity of all employees, clients, and external personnel by encouraging equal opportunities and growth for everyone. 



Our core focus is to foster an environment that respects people’s dignity, ideas, and beliefs by creating equal opportunities for growth and development.

We are committed in bringing awareness and education among our employees to learn and grow. Awareness starts with understanding bias and education begins the process of cultural change within the company.

Building awareness is the first step toward real positive change in behaviour for everyone.

Our Strategy

Workplace inclusion is imperative to our company as each one of us has a voice that contributes to the growth of our company by bringing in new ideas, experiences and perspectives which creates a culture that embraces, respects, accepts and values differences.

  • People

    We continuously support our people with their growth and development in the company, ensuring equal opportunities for women, indigenous and visible minority groups.


  • Clients

    We focus on maintaining, strengthening and building our supplier and client relationships by ensuring we share the values of equity and inclusion, safety and people.