Diversity and Inclusion

We believe by being a culturally diverse and inclusive workplace not only creates an atmosphere free from barriers but also allows people to be and express their authentic selves in the workplace. We demonstrate our commitment to a diverse and inclusive workplace by bringing awareness and education among our employees that allows for our people to learn and grow as a team. Our core focus is to foster an environment that respects our people, clients, and external personnel's dignity, ideas, and beliefs while providing a supportive work environment and culture. We welcome the diversity of all employees, clients, and external personnel by encouraging equal opportunities and growth for everyone. 

Company Goals

1. Ensure cultural equality within our hiring and recruitment practises.


2. Improve awareness around diversity and inclusion in the workplace. 


3. Collaborate with existing and seeking out new subcontractors and suppliers of women, indigenous, and minority groups. 


4. Support numerous programs to benefit the Indigenous communities in Saskatchewan. 

Approach and Strategy

1. Hire and recruit people from all minority groups. 

2. Provide education and training to our people in learning the importance of a culturally diverse workplace as every individual brings in new ideas, perspectives, experiences and opportunities that creates a culture embracing everyone's unique differences. 

3. Growing and expanding existing subcontractor relationships and welcoming new relationships with subcontractors and suppliers of women, indigenous, and minority groups. 

4. Continue contributing and giving back to the northern Saskatchewan Indigenous communities to help advance people's career opportunities through training, programs, and education. 

  • People Relations

    Our people, clients and subcontractor relations are by foremost an important part in the way we operate and do business. With the continued support, dedication, and loyalty from everyone we do business with, we continue to grow and be able to provide services to local communities within Saskatchewan, and across to Canadian Prairies. We continue to support all diverse and inclusive workplaces and their policies as we continue creating a culturally diverse workplace. We welcome and always open to learning new tactics from our people, clients and subcontractors in seeking new ways of improvement in how we operate the company.