Flyer Takes Part in Cameco's Step Up For Mental Health 2023

Author: Flyer Electric |

On September 24th, 2023, Flyer Electric took part in Step up for Mental Health, powered by Cameco in support of Mental Health. The Company had contributed to the cause and had employees participate, along with their families, in the 5km and 21km walk/race.

Since 2019, Cameco has put on Step up For Mental Health in support of Mental Health and has raised more than 1.7 million to assist different mental health projects and programs in dozens of Saskatchewan communities.

  • In 2022, the run/walk raised $500,000 for mental health support in Saskatchewan.
  • 100% of registration fees – Plus a matching amount from Cameco goes to support the Cameco Fund for Mental Health.
  • The different projects range in scope from education and training to direct support for people struggling with mental health and addictions.
  • Since 2019, a total of 125 grants have been awarded to support various projects that work to address and support Mental Health in Saskatchewan.

Mental Health is real which is why it is extremely important to continue breaking the stigma around Mental Health, especially within the construction industry. It was a great day to see thousands of people come from all over to participate and bring awareness to Mental Health.

Flyer Electric has always been passionate about breaking mental health stigma in the workplace and finding ways to be part of the change in how people view mental health, especially in the construction industry.

Since Spring of 2022, the Company had implemented a workplace wellness program through Merit Saskatchewan to help break the stigma around mental health in the workplace. Employees have had the opportunity to openly learn and talk in a safe environment with each other.